Artificial Intelligence is a wake-up call for the business

by K. Medveditskova

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is here to stay, and we must rethink the way we make decisions, manage everyday tasks and get things done. It’s time to make our businesses AI-fueled, unless we are okay with the idea of falling behind in a race with our competitors.


Seminar Hosted by Tizbi: "Digital Transformation: Concepts to Execution" Charlotte, 11/15/2017

by Alexander Birger

Third in the series. First time in Charlotte. As the whole world down the road of digital transformation, the possibilities for growth are immediate and significant. Innovate, think big, act small, fail cheap, learn fast. Connect, by coming to events like this. And ultimately, the transformation will occur.


Seminar Hosted by Tizbi: "Digital Transformation: Concepts to Execution" Raleigh, 8/17/2017

by Alexander Birger

(Triangle) The Lunch & Learn Series provides attendees a chance to learn more about a diverse range of topics, from general business to those more technical in nature, while enjoying lunch hosted by a fellow member.


Seminar Hosted by Tizbi: "Digital Transformation: Concepts to Execution" Raleigh, 4/26/2017

by Alexander Birger

An organization’s ability to leverage technology has become a key differentiator in the marketplace. Innovate quickly, and you obtain a strategic advantage. Move too slowly, and fail to see new and emerging competitive threats. In the first of a series of seminars from Tizbi and its partners, we invite area executives and business leaders to learn from industry experts and peers.


Budgeting for Software Innovation

by Alexander Birger

As we move into the second half of 2017, many IT leaders are already looking into 2018. Some organizations are telling their leadership - particularly in IT - to be “more innovative” and “go digital”, yet there’s little guidance on how such initiatives should impact an annual budget.


Digital Transformation Has Changed the Face of Business as We Know It

by Nancy Thorne

What is the hottest thing on every IT manager and executive C-suite members agenda? Digital transformation. Digital transformation (DX) is the reworking of the products, processes and strategies within an organization by leveraging current technologies.


Increase Your Digital Footprint and Grow Your Revenue Exponentially

by Tina Lutz

B2B companies are losing traction quickly relative to their B2C competitors. It is becoming increasingly clear that digitization needs to come to the forefront for these companies in order to advance ahead of their competition.


The Trouble with Loosely Coupled Identity Management

by Tina Lutz

In the world of information systems and application development, we often speak of “tightly integrated, loosely coupled” as a guiding philosophy. This is particularly true when integrating multiple systems - a common occurrence in today’s IT environment.


Is Your Culture DevOps Ready?

by Tina Lutz

Development and Operations are inherently juxtaposed. Development tends to lean toward risky, new development and operations leans toward a more cautious approach with less updates and changes. This dichotomy drives a wedge between Development and Operations. You may be asking yourself how in the world you can accomplish a DevOps implementation if there is this ingrained diversity between the two departments. This article will briefly describe some of the key cultural considerations for implemen…


The Role of Architecture in a Software Organization

by Toby Sarver

In the early days of software development (1967), Melvin Conway observed that “organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.” In other words, the structure of the software followed the structure of the organization. I’m here to tell you that – for fully capable development organizations – this is “the tail wagging the dog.”


Why DevOps?

by Tina Lutz

Many companies experience a toxic culture of an "us versus them" mentality; IT versus the rest of the company. This can often be tracked back to a lack of empathy between IT and operations. Software development teams tend to focus on implementing a project with little to no foresight of how to operationally manage the application after delivery. This mentality can stem from a myriad of reasons.


To Scrum or Not to Scrum?

by Tina Lutz

Over the course of the last decade, Scrum has gained immense popularity in the software development industry. As a result, businesses that have transitioned to Scrum have not only seen dramatic improvements in the business value delivered by their software development organizations, but also overall empowerment of teams thereby leading to a workplace that fosters creativity and productivity.


Antiquated Technology: Infrastructure from Boon to Bust

by Alexander Birger

What happens to a company when the technology that once promoted more productivity and business growth begins to slow down or fail to scale with growing business needs? Many businesses are hesitant to approach the problem of antiquated technology, but serious consequences can arise from a failure to update their aging systems.


Xamarin: Three-In-One Development for iOS, Android, and Windows

by Alexander Birger

The Xamarin platform has been on the mobile development market for a long time. It is an open-source version of the .NET platform — Mono. Xamarin grants developers the ability to build applications for Android, iOS, and Windows using C# in the same IDE: Xamarin Studio or even MS Visual Studio. This ability really makes cross-platform development easier.


How to Escape from a Software Hostage Situation

by Alexander Birger

Coming to terms with the fact that you are experiencing a problem in the software development process is not the easiest thing to do. Software Hostage Situations can ruin your project, wasting your money and potentially turning away business. Getting out of a software hostage situation is possible, but requires hard work and diligence to pull off successfully.


How Do You Know If You Are in a Software Hostage Situation?

by Alexander Birger

Have you ever felt that software development projects never seem to come together without major headaches? Does every project end in missed deadlines or a busted budget? Small setbacks and disappointments are bound to happen occasionally in software development; however, they should never be the honored guests at your company party.


Virtualization of Tizbi Infrastructure

by Alexander Birger

In the winter of 2015, Tizbi decided to move the majority of its infrastructure to the cloud as well as build a cloud of its own for better security and privacy of Tizbi customers. We are leaving behind the constraints and disadvantages of physical infrastructure. Now, any time we need a new server, writing a single line of code creates one.


Tizbi’s Continues Improvements to Backup Protocols

by Alexander Birger

For many years Tizbi developed and distributed its own backup software to all of its servers because there was no other backup software on the market at the time that fit its operational model. The Tizbi backup software was robust, good at what it was intended to do, and complete with off-site backup features, but also inflexible and complex. As time went by, and Tizbi’s business operations expanded, there grew also an impending need to perform a holistic update to the backup system.

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